Gabriela Boiangiu

What do people say about Gabriela Boiangiu's teaching?

'Gabriela is a highly creative, talented artist and art teacher who encourages, empathises with, and draws the best out of her students...of all ages.  She has the gift of being a delightful, clear, communicator and quickly obtains excellent results in the various art disciplines she teaches.  Her international background positions her well to teach to a wide audience.'

'Gabriela  is a very inspirational art teacher and her support and guidance were invaluable. She is very professional and has a great capacity to motivate and encourage. I was most impressed with her ability, knowledge sharing and compassion, ensuring that my daughter was on target at all times. '

'I couldn't have done as well as I did without her. I felt like she pushed me to achieve more, whenever I would come back with footage that I had got she always said "I love it, but do you think you could've done better?" Because she always knew that I could and always pushed me to achieve more with my work. I managed to achieve 96% in my Alevel Photography thanks to Miss Boiangiu. Not only did she help me with a small chapter of my life but she also managed to help me to achieve more out of school and made me really want to work for my career. She was always fun to have a lesson with and she is an amazing teacher.'

“I didn’t know anyone when I first came to Gabriela’s class but she’s so lovely and made me feel right at home.  I can always count on her for expert advice, just when I think I’ve really messed up my work she knows exactly the right technique or idea to save it, and you can tell this only comes from years of experience.  She’s a brilliant teacher, plus she makes the best cookies.”  

I really enjoyed being in Gabriela's art class and found her teaching very inspirational and fun. I learnt many new techniques from her, techniques that I can now confidently use for my future. Gabriela was also great with reassuring me during the university application process. I'm very grateful to her!

A2 Unit 3 (1) Portraits (4) A2 Unit 3 (18) Still Life (7) A2 Unit 3 (2) Education